Introducing Christianity to Mormons Part 5

Eric Johnson has written a new book titled Introducing Christianity to Mormons, the 6th book he has authored/coauthored. It is published by Harvest House Publishers, with the goal of helping Christians be able to explain biblical Christianity to those who have an LDS worldview, whether they are still in the church or not. Chapters include the authority and accuracy of the Bible, the nature of God, the resurrection, and justification/sanctification. The book has many bells and whistles, including chapter summaries at the beginning of each chapter, recommended resources for the topic of each chapter, and discussion questions. A glossary in the appendix will help the reader identify unique words as well as distinguish between the meaning given by a Mormon and Christian.

We encourage you to visit to see more about what this book is about.

The book officially releases on September 13, 2022. However, with a gift to of $100 or more, you will receive a personally autographed/designated book before August ends. As we say on the shows, this will be helpful in surviving the typical summer slumps. Thank you!